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With Nat and Birte high in the Sierra Nevada June 2010

Ingredients (for a 26cm wide tortilla): 6 medium sized eggs (beaten), 450 grams potatoes (peeled), 1 large onion (crescent sliced), 2 cloves of garlic (chopped), 2 - 3 tablespoons olive oil.

1. Peel and par-boil the potatoes, drain, cool a little and then slice.

2. Add the oil to a frying pan, when hot add the onion and the garlic cloves and fry until transparent and slightly browned. Swirl the oil around, making sure that the oil covers the sides of the frying pan.

3. Now add the sliced potatoes, allow to cook for a few minutes and then pour over the beaten eggs.

4. Cook on the stove from below and under the grill from above (swapping between each intermittently), running a knife gently around the edge to prevent the tortilla from sticking to the pan.

5. When you think it is cooked turn out onto a large plate and ideally save for a picnic on a mountain top!