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Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon

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With Marcia and Danny.

Ingredients: Allow 2 large eggs per person (beaten and seasoned with a little salt and freshly ground black pepper), smoked salmon (cut into small pieces), unsalted butter.

1. Melt a walnut size knob of butter in a small solid saucepan over a gently heat, then swirl it around to coat the pan thoroughly.

2. When the butter is foaming (whatever you do don't let in brown) pour in the beaten and seasoned eggs. Now with a flat wooden spoon stir
continuously, getting the point right into the corner of the pan to prevent the egg sticking.

3. After about a minute add in the smoked salmon and continue stirring. Take the pan off the heat while there's still some liquid egg left, then add another knob of butter, which will melt into it as it finishes cooking in the heat of the pan.

Always tastes better when served with Champagne!